Kimberley Eddy

Kimberley Eddy paints the ocean. She works in resin and acrylics in her studio in Nova Scotia.
Undeniably inspired by her lifelong proximity to ocean waters and coastal living, Kimberley Eddy's creations are at once a quiet influence and a powerful force at work. Slipping through the barrier of mundane routines, she pulls us into a world of memories and attachments where we slow down, calm our thoughts, and live in the moment; just as she does while working in her studio.

Open your senses and allow a carefree coastal experience to unfold as you experience her work. Smell the fresh sea air. Hear the waves as they roll onto the seashore, sculpting the contours of the sand. Immerse yourself in the adventure and anticipation of your own seaside arrival.
Kimberley's works can be found internationally, in collections throughout Canada, England, USA, Bermuda, and Cuba.